Nb Series Bollard - Green

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The multi-service NB Bollard can combine up to four fully protected electricity outlets, four TV outlets, data outlets and up to four 1/2” inch brass bib taps.

Metering options include either ‘OFGEM’ or MID Approved credit or card meters or the latest SMART metering technology. Meters are viewable or accessible behind clear viewing windows or customer reset flaps with all switchgear also located behind customer reset flaps which can include a locking facility if required.

3w LED lighting is provided within the illuminated head which is photocell controlled. The NB Series is constructed around an internal chassis manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The sides and lid are manufactured from Acrylic Capped ABS with Pinseal Finish. This has high UV stability and the Pinseal Finish gives it very good scratch resistance.

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