‘MID Approved’ Single Modular Meters (Measuring Instruments Directive) are now supplied as standard in all credit metered connection units manufactured and supplied by CPE. We have used MID Approved meters in our SS2F for a number of years when our competitors have largely been fitting non-approved meters. This has been extended now to cover the products we supply using Single Module Credit Meters also – even our budget ‘Essentials Range’ will now include ‘MID Approved’ meters in appropriate connection units with no additional cost to our customers.From 2016, any meter used must be MID Approved. All MID Approved meters must carry full MID markings which are:

EU Consumer Safety Directive compliance

MID ‘M’ metrology mark, plus 2 digit year of manufacture

Approving Notified Body reference number

Further information is available from Sara or Simon on 01790 753153