Working together to improve the customer experience
Caravan Park Electrical Services Limited is proud to be working in partnership with The Caravan Club on a nationwide basis throughout 2015.
CPES have provided electrical contractor services to The Club for many years but this new relationship represents a true partnership ensuring The Caravan Club meets the needs of its members in the 21st Century.
During 2014 CPES were contracted to undertake the electrical installation condition reporting on Club sites as well as the manufacture & supply of electrical connection bollards and the repairs and maintenance of electrical distribution systems on Club sites.
During 2015 this was further extended to include electrical improvement works to buildings and site wide.
Tony Noakes The Caravan Club’s Principal Development Manager said of the partnership “ CPES are one of the leading caravan park electrical contractors and The Caravan Club have partnered with them to deliver quality products and services for our members ensuring our sites are competently and consistently maintained, developed and improved providing a safe and reliable network. The Caravan Club has a corporate responsibility to ensure it conserves energy and the introduction of LED lighting is just one example of its commitment. CPES are working with us to develop additional products as part of our continuous improvement program and such a partnership can only be beneficial for our members ”
In order to save both costs and to meet energy saving targets for The Club the two organisations have worked closely to ensure that all connection bollards and general lighting bollards incorporate LED lighting as standard. CPES have also developed kits to allow any alternative manufacturers bollards to be converted to the standard LED option. This produces on-going cost savings and creates a uniform lighting package throughout The Clubs network of 160 + locations in The UK.
Furthermore LED internal and external building lighting has also been adopted as the standard lighting type supplied by CPES.
Ted Waring, Director of CPES commented “Since the companies inception in 1982 we have always tried to forge partnerships with organisations we have worked with. This is beneficial to both parties, creates a feeling of trust and enables plans to be discussed and developed for  the future progression of both businesses. With The Club this is particularly vital because of their huge network of sites, the high standard of facilities and services expected by their members and their drive to provide a uniform holiday experience throughout the country.
Please contact CPES Ltd for further information on our range of services:
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