The first fully automatic cleaning station for toilet cassettes

Take a look at some comments below by experienced caravanners to the job of emptying a toilet cassette. Most people agree it’s their least favourite job of the whole ‘caravanning experience’ 

"The knack is never to look and never inhale! While mine is emptying I always press my face into my shoulder so I can’t see or smell what’s going on. When I can feel that the cassette is empty I flush without even glancing at what’s in there. Once there is nothing to see I then attend to the swill out, again adopting the face in shoulder technique"

"My husband empties ours and considering he gags if there’s even a tiny bit of food left in the plughole of our sink at home I'm surprised his stomach is still intact!  Mind you, as someone said, it’s different when it’s your own (really!). I put the chemical in though and I wear a glove to avoid the blue fingers"

Do any of the comments mentioned above sound familiar?

A fully automated solution to emptying and cleaning cassettes is now available.

Introducing Camperclean by CPES Ltd

  • Insert your payment – the roller door opens and the green LED flashes
  • Insert your cassette until the green LED is permanently lit
  • Press the start button
  • After the cleaning process the door automatically opens and you can remove your cassette

During the cleaning process the waste matter within you cassette is vacuum extracted and the inside is cleaned with jets of pressurised water.

After the cleaning process the cassette is instantly ready to use again and is refreshed with fresh water and a microbiologically based sanitary additive.

All in under two minutes…………………...and no mess!!

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