SMART Metering

Park Operators are increasingly realising the importance of ensuring that each visitor to their park pay for the utility they consume.

The ongoing rise in energy costs means it is of paramount importance to ensure your customers act responsibly and don’t waste energy heating unoccupied caravans and awnings.

Metering has long been accepted as the fairest method of ensuring people pay for the electricity they consume. This allows a degree, but only a degree of control to Park Operators and is certainly better than no meter at all.

The latest development however is SMART Metering, allowing you instant access and control to your energy data.

At CPES Ltd we understand this and have been working on a number of alternative solutions to provide you with a solution to the problem.

SMART Energy

A comprehensive SMART
solution allowing you access
to your meter consumption
or generation data 24/7 from
any pc with a broadband
internet connection. A fully
hosted web based solution
means you have no software
to install and maintain on your
pc. You are fully in control
of the functionality of your
meters allowing you a mixture
of pre-pay and credit formats.


SMART Meter-Macs

A fully customisable SMART
metering system with a high
quality and user friendly
interface, giving you a visual
display on your pc of the
status of all connection units
on your park. The display can
show active socket outlets,
available socket outlets and
if there has been a power
failure at a pitch. The system
can operate in either credit
or prepay format and can
generate automatic email or
SMS notifications to warn
your customers of a low
account balance. You can watch a video on our video page of how the system works.


Suitable for touring or holiday pitches, a replacement for the traditional card meter but giving you much greater control of the electricity supply to you holiday or touring pitches. A card reader/writer and simple software is all you need connected to your office pc. Reusable cards are loaded with credit at the office and inserted into the meter at the pitch. Unused credit can be returned to the card but only to the card it was issued to.


SMART Control

Take control of your pitch outlets from your office with the flexibility of SMART control

From your pc you can

  • Set the tarriff
  • Load credit onto a reusable card
  • Set a validity date for the time period your customer is staying
  • Charge a deposit for the card
  • view ouststanding unused credit

From your pc you can

  • Choose your socket outlet
  • Download credit onto your chosen socket
  • Return unused credit to the card


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